When things get tough, remember…

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When things get tough you have to keep in mind that things can always be worse…

How you choose to deal with situations is what determines if you’ll grow from them in some way, or if they’ll knock you on your ass and keep you there

Will you grow from it?

Will you look at your situation rationally?

Will you focus on how to repair the damage and make yourself stronger for the next inevitable obstacle?
Are you going to sink further and further?

Are you going to look at the problem instead of the solution?

Focus on the bad that’s happening and think that it controls you?

We all have a choice when approaching our problems.

I understand that we’re not always in control of what’s happening.

Some things are way too heavy to take and last longer than we think we’ll be able to handle them.

But I’ve learned that something positive doesn’t need to be happening for the outcome to be positive in some way.

That part is up to you.

Every obstacle that you’ve tried to overcome has made you stronger– EVEN IF IT STILL HURTS…

And these obstacles only make you stronger when you finally push past the negative effects they have on you.

Sitting under the weight of your own mind will do nothing but break you down to the point where you no longer have the drive to make it out.

Accept your problems, yes…

Notice what went wrong, absolutely…

Hell, cry your goddamn eyes out if you need to…

Sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do in order to get to a better place and look at it from a different perspective.

But use this experience to grow past it…Not to dwell on it and let it kill you.

If you know what the problem is you have no excuse not to fix it…

Even if the only way to fix it is to wait it out and repair yourself once it’s settled and over with.

But during that waiting period…

You need to be focused on what you will be doing afterward and with your chin up…Not what’s happening now with your head down.

Things may be bad right now, I don’t know what you’re going through, but don’t let it hang over you any longer than it has to.

At some point, you’re gonna have to carry on, and the only way to do that is to realize it’s up to you to move forward.

Take the time you need, but don’t take any longer.

I’m rooting for ya.

Copy Punks