The shit I used to post is just embarrassing…

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Years ago when I started taking on Copywriting clients I would post more about the money I made from them, than I did about the results I was getting them.

Posting pictures of clothes, jewelry, my friend’s cars (I didn’t even have one at the time), and all this shit I was blowing my money in order to keep doing it.

Did it get me new clients?.. Absolutely!

But what did it make me look like as a person?..

A lot of people say that they don’t care what others think of them so long as they’re happy and have what they need

When the truth is, to some level, We All Care.

If you know me – like REALLY know me – you understand when I say that I’m one of the most laid back, up for anything, “fuck what you think” dudes in the industry probably.

Yet, it got to a point where everyone I respected the most started respecting me less because of how I was acting.

That’s exactly what it was– acting.

My daily life was created around making those who were temporarily involved in it my top priority.

While I was essentially just leaching off of everyone I took a selfie with, friend or not…

I became more concerned with what Facebook & Instagram thought of me than my true friends who were going out of their way to help me with whatever rut or issue I was experiencing in my personal life.

And there were a lot of ruts over the years, believe me…

So many in fact that eventually they knocked me down mentally and out of the online game for over a year.

I closed my biggest social media accounts, stopped doing eCom–despite the success I was having–then really started to focus on what the fuck I was doing with myself

And most importantly… Who the hell I was…

It was then that I realized I hated everything I had built over almost 10 years in the digital marketing industry:

My brand, my image, my day-to-day routine… even the way I was presenting myself as a know-it-all guru of some sort.

It’s crazy…

One thing you realize when your job is to teach others is this: You May Know A Lot More Than Others, But You Still Don’t Know Shit.

It wasn’t until I embraced how little I really knew, along with my enthusiasm to learn and share what I did know, that things started to get better and much more enjoyable.

Being vulnerable and confident at the same time allows others to relate to you more easily.

Trusting what you say more because they understand that normal human side of you.

Transparency is a double-edged sword, sure, but the most deadly part of the sword is the tip that you pretend to be able to balance on top of.

Since I stopped bullshitting and inflating my life I’m happier, my clients are better, my work is steadier…

I’m also working with a bunch of people I look up to in the industry. Them reaching out due to my unfiltered honesty and vulnerability.

Literally, just a better situation that I didn’t even ask for, but am hella thankful for.

In ending this rant I just want to say that starting off is a very crucial point in your business or brand.

So crucial that we all try to play a bigger role than we need to, and most of the time aren’t capable of keeping up with it.

It’s important that you don’t lose touch with why you got started in the first place– freedom.

Freedom not only financially, but also freedom in being yourself without second guessing if you should be.

Because that’s what people are going to be looking for in this saturated market of wannabes and fake-it-til-you-make-its;

Your ability to tell them exactly what’s up, even if it makes you look a bit less than incredible at times.

So keep doing you to the best of your abilities.

It’ll be worth it.