Supercars and best-selling books

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I was standing there with my book in one hand, and my BMW keys in the other and thinking to myself…

At one point these were dreams of mine, and now they’re a reality. I own them… So, what exactly made that happen? At what point did these dreams of mine become realistic goals, and then finally a reality?

After giving it some VERY deep thought — probably a bit deeper than was needed, because, well… Magic Mushrooms — I determined that the only thing that was keeping me from having them sooner was making the conscious decision to make them a reality for myself, and deciding on the steps I was going to take to turn those dreams into goals, then make those goals a reality.

And I’m not talking about manifesting things here. You don’t whisper into the wind and inhale a stalk of burnt sage then POOF! You magically own a supercar or a mansion.

Visualization and vocal affirmations are cool, and great, and wonderful and have even helped me keep things at the forefront of my mind when working toward accomplishments. But it all started happening for me when I decided that it COULD actually happen for me.

I came to the realization (or decision, idk) that the only difference between a dream and a goal is the belief that something can actually happen.

The only thing between where you’re standing now and you standing at the finish line with your goals in hand are the actions you take to make them come true. The decision that you are capable of having “it” and that you’re willing to do what’s needed for it to.

Dreams are things we refer to as being unattainable. It’s a dream car because it’s something we don’t think is possible for us. It’s a dream house because it seems unrealistic that it could be something you can actually have for yourself.

Goals, on the other hand, are something that you’ve decided is possible for you.

They’re the finish line you can see because you’ve already stepped onto the field. They’re the end results you’re excited about because you’ve already begun seeing progress since you started.

And the only thing standing between you and those goals is the decision to get started on your journey to obtaining them.

We need to stop calling things dreams and start viewing them as goals from the start because it’s not until something goes from a dream to a goal that it becomes a realistic priority that we allow ourselves to truly start working toward.