It’s easy to overlook the small shit

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I legit just stood there for 40 mins this morning watching the sun come up, and listening to the waves roll in…

Thinking about all the changes that have shaped where I’m at in life presently. The good, the bad, the lost or forgotten.

Trying to empty my mind in an effort to see what stood out when I wasn’t focusing on anything In particular, in hopes of making more sense of things when I am.

I’ve been very stressed these past months, even though things are going great. I have no idea why, but it seems like things are scarier the more uniform they are.

As if I’m expecting something to go wrong rather than keeping pace toward what’s going right.

I love what I’m doing, I love where I’m going, and I generally like where I’m at overall… So what reason is there to be hesitant because of hypotheticals?

There isn’t any reason at all… Which is actually insane.

I see this with a lot of people, myself included, and the reality is that you can’t enjoy what’s going right if you’re spending all your time worrying about what might go wrong.

All you’re doing is missing out on everything around you while disregarding all that you’ve done to get to this point.

You have a choice about where your mind goes and what it dwells on. Maybe not entirely or 100% of the time, but you do have control.

Don’t take that ability for granted and allow yourself to put the beauty aside while bracing yourself for all the ugly.

You’ll miss out on more than just opportunities– you’ll skip over the most impactful and memorable moments of your life expecting them to turn sour.

Kiss your kids. Smell a flower. Stomp on a puddle. Turn your stereo up. Look around you and just fucking enjoy it.

Things can always be worse, but they will always get better just as often, so long as you do your part to ensure it.

It’s easy to overlook the seemingly small shit, even when it’s those small things that make you the happiest. Enjoy ’em!