It all starts and ends with you.

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You don’t realize how crucial the thoughts you have are to your mental health.
That the things we say our brains accept as truth before creating a way to navigate these new thoughts.
So, when you say you can’t do something you’re convincing your brain that it’s impossible.
Or when you tell yourself out loud “I’VE GOT THIS” that your brain starts to think of logical ways to handle that shit.
I only say this because it’s an important issue that we don’t take into consideration most of the time even though it’s the most important thing to consider.
I wanted to share some daily affirmations that I tell myself, out loud, every morning to help get my brain ready to kick the day’s ass.
You can use it as a template or even copy it if it makes sense with your goals, but regardless… Just make sure you’re setting yourself up for success starting with the most important part of the process– your mind.
🧠 Daily Affirmations:
1- I am not afraid of confrontation. I look forward to challenges because they help me develop a better understanding of the world and how it works.
2- I openly invite new challenges and uncertainty because they teach me how to defeat my problems and concerns and succeed in every direction I move in.
3- I do not get stressed out. I simply think of a solution to the problem with rationality and logic and then handle the problem quickly and painlessly.
4- I am never depressed or upset about things I can control. When approached with a difficult subject or task I quickly research my options and abilities available at the time, then I solve the issues immediately with no resistance.
5- I am never self-conscious. I know what I am capable of and what my worth is and don’t concern myself with negative things others may think or say because I am more powerful than their assumptions.
Don’t let external influences determine your happiness, your health, or your success. They all start and end with you.