Even coffins have pillows

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Everybody wants to be in full control of their life, I get it.

It’s hard when you’re constantly bouncing back and forth between very high, highs, and very low, lows.

It might make you wish that you could just average things out and keep everything in the middle to where you just feel nice and comfortable.

A place where you’re no longer experiencing the seemingly uncontrollable, highs of anxiety or happiness, or the unstoppable lows of depression, or exhaustion.

Yet, think of it this way…

If you look at a heart monitor you’ll see a series of continuous ups and downs, and if you were to take control of that and place it directly in the middle you’d be flat-lining… you would be dead.

Life is a series of ups and downs for a reason. It’s forever moving and changing not just forcing constant growth, but reminding you that you’re still alive.

The bottom reminds us that we can go higher and the top a warning that we can go lower.

This is the only balance we need — the realization that anytime things can get better and things can get worse.

It’s up to us to prepare for the changes and to use the momentum of the drops and climbs to our advantage because if you’re not moving you’re dying.

Don’t ever wish for stagnancy just because it’s comfortable. Even coffins have pillows.