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How I EFFORTLESSLY Made AN EXTRA $11,369 EVERY MONTH With Emails (Without Lifting A Finger)

I have an email automation that made an extra $11,369 last month with ZERO extra work from me.
How did I manage to get an extra $11k+ in 30 days without lifting a finger? Well, if you ask me nicely I might tell you…


I mentioned something about this a few weeks ago, but I’ll say it again because it really is kicking butt on its own.

If you have an email list and you’re sending them semi-regular content you’re likely noticing that some emails work better than others.

Now I know people say that content emails shouldn’t have a pitch in them, but those people, though very smart in their own right I’m sure… are out of their minds.

I rarely send an email that doesn’t make money– content, pitch, or otherwise.

Plus if people aren’t buying, you want them gone, because they’re costing you money.

You hear it all the time: “ALWAYS BE SELLING” 💰💰

If you’re sending content or nurturing emails telling your audience something helpful and relevant to your niche then you should give them the old “this can help you implement this advice” approach.

Drop a button on your product/storefront and let them decide if they want to buy something. Why deny them the option?

If they want to buy let them buy…

(I think it was Jesus who said that)

What does this have to do with making an extra $11k without any extra work?

Believe it or not… It’s super simple 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

I have a very general opt-in automation that offers a promotional code when they opt-in. This is used a lot in eCom with Wheelio, Privy, and other apps.

Then I follow up on that promo email with two (did you forget to save that money?) emails, that also have a 1-day pause that resends the same email to everyone that missed it with a different subject line.

Then after this 3-day promotional drip, I do something that no one ever has thought of doing in the history of ever…

…I’m kidding, lots of people do this when they want to make more money in the easiest way possible.

I just add the profitable content emails into this opt-in automation with the same unopen strategy for each one.

Let me break it down for you. 👻💩

I send on average 3 content emails a week to this list, and at least 2 of those get a decent amount of sales.
So, each week I have 2 new profitable emails I can add to my opt-in automation.

Over time this has given me a monster flow of working emails that get sent automatically to anyone that wants to save a few bucks on the front-end offer/lead magnet.

You just segment the people who have bought the product from getting the same email, and you’re ready to roll.

It’s that easy…



Once you have about a year of emails and offers under your belt you can also repurpose the holiday and seasonal emails, then rotate each automation for the right time of year.

Now you have 4 PROVEN quarterly email strategies that you can reuse and split test instead of trying new stuff all the time.

Hope this helps you get your money up 🤘🏻