Create the soundtrack to your sales copy

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You need to make your writing sing. What do I mean by this? Well, for starters let’s talk about movies and TV shows. Horror movies specifically.

Sound design is one of the most important elements in a suspenseful movie.

There are dedicated sound engineers who spend hours experimenting with different sounds.

They record themselves slapping and tossing around everyday items just to get the “right” sound effect for a scene.

But why does it matter so much? Why not just use a generic soundtrack or sound effect and call it a day?

Well, Mr. and Mrs. know-it-all, it’s because sound sets the tone for the entire scene.

It tells us what we’re supposed to be feeling at that moment..

It works together with the visuals to make sure that when we’re supposed to feel afraid that we’re goddamn terrified.

Our bodies react differently to a range of frequencies and pacing, and the writers know this, so they pace the scene in a way that builds suspense…

Then at the last second when we’re about to burst, they allow us the release that we’re craving after all that build-up and anticipation. (That’s what she said)

You’ll hear this with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as well.

There will be intense energetic builds that come to a sudden pause at the highest point, then for just a few seconds *BAM* they drop the beat and our dopamine goes crazy!

“But Rob, you devilishly good-looking man, we’re not making music… we’re writing sales copy!”

I mean… you’re not wrong, but… no actually, you’re kinda wrong if that’s what you’re thinking.

The pacing in which you write plays a massive part in how it makes your readers feel.

If you’re trying to write something exciting and the copy is slow-paced, boring, and uncreative it’s going to be hard to relay those emotions to the reader.

You have to make the tempo of your writing reflect the type of copy you’re writing.

If it’s something sad, listen to some sad music and follow the melody as closely as possible with your sentences.

If you’re writing something exciting, throw on some dance music and allow the pace and tempo of the song to determine the pace of your writing.

Release the energy you’re experiencing from the music into the words you’re writing.

As I said, there’s a reason that sound design is so important when it comes to world-building.

It forces the emotions that need to be felt on the person watching the movie. Or in this case, the person reading your writing.

Most copywriters overlook the fact that we’re creating a movie in the minds of our readers.

We’re creating internal dialogue, and triggering their imagination to create the faces of the people and the colors of the world that we’ve written about.

This may sound like a bunch of hippie horse shit, but it’s biology at its core. Trust the science, right? Lol

It’s time to start creating the soundtrack to your sales copy.