Copywriters Make Me Sick.

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(Not like.. throwing up sick, but…)

Look, I understand that one of the coolest things about copywriting is that we all have unique styles.

Some of us like to space everything out to cater to our short attention spans.

Others think everything needs to be an article. I don’t know if this is to show you they know what they’re talking about, or just a cheap way of making you feel like you got your money’s worth from your free opt-in but…

… See what I’m saying?

I was getting tired just typing that, so thanks for toughing it out to get to my point.

Having a unique writing style is great, but you should at least think about how the things you write affect your readers.

It’s not always about considering what they want to hear in order to buy.

You have to think of how you’re making them feel…

There’s an endless flow of emails going in my inbox daily. Many from fellow copywriters like yourself.

And it’s surprising how often they try to be cute by spelling something how it sounds instead of how it’s easily read.

Happened to me today…

I got caught up just long enough to feel like I was seeing shit, and when I finally figured out what they meant I didn’t giggle at the cuteness…

I felt stupid for not realizing what they meant sooner. I shouldn’t but I did.

Believe it or not, this happens a lot when we try to reference something relatable with things that aren’t common knowledge.

I’m a huge movie nerd, but I can’t assume that you’ve seen everything I have, so I have to consider that.

The curse of knowledge is a very real thing that we don’t pay enough attention to. That’s why I’m telling you all of this right now.

It’s easy to make someone feel like and asshole by pointing out something they don’t know.

And yea, it can be fun if that person is indeed an asshole who deserves it…

It’s just definitely not going to help you sell anything to the people you’re not trying to offend.